Corydalis temulifolia 'Chocolate Stars'  

ORIGIN: China          


SOIL: Rich-Moist/Well Drained

EXPOSURE: Filtered Light/Shade

FOLIAGE: Deciduous. Emerges in late winter with light
brown with speckled white edges.

FLOWER: Pale lavendar blue. March-April

Offered in the trade as
Corydalis quantmeyerana, but
verified by
Corydalis expert Magnus Liden as the same
species I encountered in Qing Cheng Hou Shan in Sichuan,
China. (
See Qing Cheng Hou Shan Part 1). I purchased a
single plant to trial and evaluate and after a summer in my
garden last year, it came up early this spring with it's deep
bronze foliage delicately spotted to give a sparkling effect
that gives it its name. Then comes the profusion of pale
lavender blue flowers in April! This is by far THE
LARGEST of the Chinese
Corydalis ever introduced
growing to 2 feet in height and about 3 feet in width! Has not
formed seed so far, which is a very good sign.
Corydalis temulifolia in the wild. Qing Cheng Hou Shan.
Sichuan, CHINA  April 2005
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