Corydalis omeiana RHR CH EM069

ORIGIN: Emei Shan, Sichuan Province, China          


SOIL: Moist/Well Drained

EXPOSURE: Part Sun-filtered shade.

GENERAL HABIT: Herbaceous perennial with shallow
rhizomatous roots . Plant grows to 10-12” high x 8” wide.

FOLIAGE: Fern like, medium-deep green leaves with
slight red blotch in the center. Can go summer dormant if
into much light or dries out.

FLOWER: June-July. Pale blue-violet. Fragrant.

Found near 2000m at the summit of Emei Shan in Sichuan
Province, it was thought to be C. elata. It was confirmed
by Prof. Magnus Liden as the same species already on the
market (introduced by Elizabeth Stragman) that is being
offered as C. elata, but it is actually C. omeiana.
It has flowers much denser and deeper blue with a slightly
shorter stature when grown in part sun. Flowers are richly
scented of coconut and gardenia and flower in June-July.
If not in shade and irrigated throughout the summer, it can
go summer dormant.
Collecting this plant at the summit
of Emei Shan. July 2005.